It all started with the job of Yamin Widjaya (Amin) as the owner of an electronic store in Passer Baroe and distributor of recording album that set up its store in Pasar Baru area, from here on, a long history of Indonesia's largest recording industry began. The said electronic store and recording distributor was established in the early 60's under the name of Eka Sapta store. Mr. Amin Cengli - that's how they called Yamin Widjaja back then - industry, unintentionally among others met were famous the people late Bing in the music Slamet, Ireng Maulana, Enteng Tanamal and Idris Sardi. Those interactions with the music people finally became an inspiration to establish a band named Eka Sapta.

As the founder of electronic store and recording distributor who contributed as the founder of Eka Sapta band, Amin took a further step by establishing his own recording company. In the early days of business, he borrowed recording equipment from Remaco Company, he did the recording process in Singapore, and then he created his own recording studio under the name of PT Warung Tinggi in Warung Kopi area in Jakarta. At the beginning, this Company produced a number of records; among others is an album by Titiek Puspa. PT Warung Tinggi was the forerunner of the establishment of PT Metropolitan Studio in 1968. Amin Cengli's good luck father of 6 children and husband of Lanni Djajanegara - continued to happen. He began his business by producing records for Eka Sapta band, songs and voice of the late Bing Slamet, A. Riyanto and a number of other records Accompanying 1971, Amin in the phonograph success changed the records of the name of and records PT audiotapes. debut, in Metropolitan October Studio to become PT Musica Studio's in a formal recording company notary deed. Since then on, the redesign of software and hardware of this recording company took place, for instance, in 1986, there were only 2 recording studios, each equipped with 4 tracks, but in 1979 each studio had 8 tracks, and it kept developing and each had 16 tracks in 1981 and 24 tracks in 1983. And now PT Musica Studio located in Jl. Perdatam Pasar Minggu Jakarta Selatan has 5 recording studios.

As the biggest recording company in Indonesia, Musica Studio's immediately created innovation in its production management working pattern. The studio increased its human resources and also increased the quality of recording album production. When (Alm.) Yamin Widjaja passed away in 1979, his wife, (Alm.)Mrs. Lanni Djajanegara together with 4 of their 6 children - build Musica Studios making them one of the largest Music recording label in Indonesia.


Musica Studio's became the home and base camp of Indonesia's prominent artists. After the era of A. Riyanto, Emilia Contessa, Ineke Kusumawati, Vivie Sumanti, Rhoma Irama and Erni Johan in the 60's, other popular names started to rise in the 70's, such as Rafika Duri, Harvey Malaihollo, Jamal Mirdad, Andi Meriam Mattalatta, Hetty Koes Endang, Rita Rubby Hartland, Elly Sunarya, Grace Simon. In the 80's decade, famous names like Betharia Sonata, Nani Sugianto and others were born. And in the 90's, along with the rise of group band trend and various type of music - Musica Studio's launched the popularity of Chrisye, Kahitna, Iwan Fals, Peterpan, Nidji, D'MASIV, Geisha, and Sheryl Sheinafia. Let's not also forget that Musica Studio's played an important role in the rise of the famous band, NOAH.


Musica Studio's breakthroughs in also its continuously effort to improve creates the impressive performance of Indonesia’s music artists. Started in 1983, in Hotel Indonesia Jakarta, the company awarded Gold Record and Silver Record for recording artists of high achievements related to the selling of records or albums. Hetty Koes Endang, Jamal Mirdad, Rafika Duri, Harvey and Chrisye, once received this award. The tradition of awarding this Gold and Silver Record stopped in the early 90s, as a result of the many awards given by other institutions such as BASF Award and HDX award. These two awarding institutions institution under lately and name the vanished in Anugerah Musik 1997, other Indonesia was established. Actually, in the 80's, the tradition of giving award in the music industry initiated by Musica could accompany similar activities that once were popularized by Angket Siaran ABRI managed by RRI television station since the early 70's. At that time, a number of Musica Studio's' famous artists also join the victory party as 'the most popular mega star'. Entering the globalization era, the board members of Musica Studio's truly realized that they need to immediately anticipate current development by making lots of improvements. They need to improve their Human Resources, especially in the field of recording techniques issue. In addition to equipping the sound engineer with modern knowledge of recording, the board members of Musica Studio's also started designing a more sophisticated performance of recording equipment, acoustic of recording room, and also a significant improvement is the redesign of the office physical condition. Lately - to be exact since 1995 - Musica Studio's for the first time improved its recording quality, and also it opens up in conducting mastering service in addition to strengthening its power as executive producer (through its board members) and also acting as album distributor for other production company. Concurrently - still related to the globalization era - the board members of Musica Studio's spread their wings by cooperating with other recording company. They developed their organization structure, established abroad, by their studying including new human resource technology applying the in is other mastering firmly studios procedure. Entering the year 2016, PT Musica Studio's employs more than 130 staffs, including, Artist management, Artist and Repeitoire, Publishing, Engineering, Research and development staffs. Eventually, and this recording company not only is running its business in the type of music that people commonly look for, such as pop, but it starts entering other types of music such as R&B, rock, rap, dance, alternative, techno and many others. So it is reasonable if the various awards competition for music performers like Dahsyat Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) or the ones related to video clip shows such as Video Musik Indonesia, the popular artists that shine through Musica Studio's label, almost always in the top of the line among the most famous and prominent artists. This is all possible due to the loyalty and hard work of the artists, board members, and employees of Musica Studio's who keep faith in the company motto: Prioritize in high quality entertainment